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Goulburn-Murray Water partner with CollectAU

CollectAU is thrilled to announce that we have recently partnered with Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW).

GMW has recognised their customers’ challenges of the past few years and wishes to support and find solutions to assist their customers to manage their debt levels. In line with this approach, CollectAU will contact GMW customers and engage in respectful and genuine interactions to assist with resolving the outstanding account.

If you are contacted by CollectAU, you will receive a reference number and be provided with a unique Username and Password which you can use to log into the CollectAU Customer Portal on the CollectAU website. When you access the customer portal, you can make a payment, propose a payment plan or contact your account manager. Any queries and questions can be sent directly to CollectAU via the Customer Portal or via email: query@collectau.com or call us on 03 7004 8200.

Please refer: https://www.g-mwater.com.au/news-updates/notices/gmw-engages-new-debt-collection-partner.html

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As of November 2019, CollectAU subscribes to the Australian Collectors & Debt Buyers Association (ACDBA) Code of Practice. Click here to view the Code.


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