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CollectAU is committed to handling complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively. Our complaint management system is intended to:

  • Enable us to respond to issues raised by people making complaints in a timely and cost-effective way
  • Boost public confidence in our services and administrative process, and
  • Provide information that can be used by us to deliver quality improvements in our services, staff and complaint handling.
People focus

CollectAU is committed to seeking and receiving feedback and complaints about our services, systems, practices, procedures and complaint handling.

Any concerns raised in feedback or complaints will be dealt with as soon as practicable and within a reasonable time frame.

People making complaints will be:

  • Provided with an accessible and convenient way to make a complaint,
  • Provided with information about our complaint handling process,
  • Listened to and treated with respect by staff,
  • Able to be involved in the complaint process where possible and appropriate, and
  • Provided with reasons for our decision/s and any options for redress or review.

People making complaints will be:

  • Provided with an accessible and convenient way to make complaints.
  • Provided with information about our complaint handling process.
  • Listened to and treated with respect by staff.
  • Able to be actively involved in the complaint process where possible and appropriate.
  • Provided with reasons for our decision/s and any options for redress or review.

CollectAU cannot accept anonymous complaints. If the complaint concerns an account held with CollectAU, to effectively out an investigation of the issues raised in the complaint, the account holder must be identified and there must be enough detailed information provided.


CollectAU has ensured that information about how and where complaints may be made to or about us is well publicised via our website. We will ensure that our systems designed to manage complaints are easily understood and accessible to everyone, particularly people who may require assistance.

If a person prefers or needs another person or organisation to represent them in the complaint handling process and the resolution of their complaint, they can complete and return a Letter of Authority. (LOA) and we will communicate with them through their representative. The completed and signed LOA can be mailed to PO Box 7030, Melbourne VIC 3004 or scanned and emailed to privacy@collectau.com.

There is no charge for lodging a complaint.

Early resolution

Where possible complaints will be resolved at first contact with CollectAU.


CollectAU will acknowledge receipt of complaints within two (2) business days.

We will assess and prioritise complaints in accordance with the urgency and/or seriousness of the issues raised.

We aim to provide a resolution within 20 days from the date of lodgement of the complaint.

We are committed to managing people’s expectations, and will inform them as soon as possible, of the following:

  • The complaints process
  • The expected time frames for our actions
  • The progress of the complaint including contact with our client and any reasons for delay.
  • The possible or likely outcome of their complaint.

We will advise people as soon as possible when we are unable to deal with the complaint or any part of their complaint, and provide advice about where such issues and/or complaints may be directed (if known and appropriate).

We aim to provide a complaint resolution within 20 days but if the matter is particularly complex we will advise people as soon as possible when we are unable to meet our time frame and provide a revised time frame.

Objectivity and fairness

CollectAU will address each complaint with integrity and in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner.

Conflicts of interests, whether actual or perceived, will be managed responsibly. In particular, internal reviews of how a complaint was managed will be conducted by a person other than the original decision maker.

Responding flexibly

CollectAU staff are empowered to resolve complaints promptly and with as little formality as possible. We adopt flexible approaches to problem solving to enhance accessibility for the people or their authorised representatives making complaints.

We will assess each complaint on its merits and involve people making complaints or their authorised representative in the process as far as possible.


CollectAU will protect the identity of people making complaints where this is practical and appropriate.

Personal information that identifies individuals will only be disclosed or used by CollectAU as permitted under the relevant privacy laws and any relevant confidentiality obligations.

Managing the parties to a complaint

We will work with the other organisation/s where possible to ensure that communication with the person or their authorised representative making a complaint is clear and coordinated.

Subject to privacy and confidentiality considerations, communication and information sharing between the parties will also be organised to facilitate a timely response to the complaint.

Where our services are contracted out, we expect contracted service providers to have an accessible and comprehensive complaint management system. We take complaints not only about the actions of our staff but also the actions of service providers.

Lodging a Complaint

If you wish to lodge a complaint please advise us as soon as practicable by completing the contact form below and send to PO Box 7030, Melbourne VIC 3004 or email privacy@collectau.com

CollectAU is committed to being accessible and responsive to all people who approach us with feedback or a complaint. At the same time our success depends on:

  • Our ability to do our work and perform our functions in the most effective and efficient way possible.
  • The health, safety and security of our staff, and
  • Our ability to allocate our resources fairly across any complaints we receive.
Your rights and responsibilities:
  • You have the right to make a complaint and to have that complaint handled fairly.
  • You have a right to have your complaint handled in accordance with the principles of the Australian Standard: Complaints handling, AS/NZS 10002:2014.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the result of the investigation or you feel the process was not fair to you, you can escalate this by writing to the Managing Director at the address above.
  • CollectAU will endeavour to do our best to resolve your complaint but if you are still dissatisfied, you can request your complaint be reviewed or you can refer the matter to the appropriate Ombudsman service or ASIC at asic.gov.au  or by calling 1300 302 502. If your complaint relates to Privacy, to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) at www.oaic.gov.au or by calling 1300 363 992.
CollectAU’s obligations and rights
  • Use the complaints handling principles to resolve your complaint.
  • Resolve all complaints in a fair and equitable matter for both parties.
  • To take sufficient time to complete an investigation into a complaint and to keep the complainant or their authorised representative informed of the progress made and expected completion date.
  • To continuously improve our business and processes.
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As of November 2019, CollectAU subscribes to the Australian Collectors & Debt Buyers Association (ACDBA) Code of Practice. Click here to view the Code.


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